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How Worship Healed My Experience of Church

Two years ago, l became disillusioned with the church community. In my old church l had felt judged and ignored. Health issues had prevented me from attending church regularly here in Bochum and my few attempts to connect with people had been met with little response. I became disappointed and retreated from the community.

However, that evening l felt like l was a part of something. The same Christ that was in me, was in everyone here in this room. Tonight, we were all connected: l did not feel any rejection.

homeless man with his head down, sign that says "hungry, anything helps"
Faith, Reflections, Worship

“Honest Worship” is About Being Aligned with the Heart of God

The irony in this story doesn’t escape me. At the time, I was doing so much for the kingdom of God that I didn’t see the kingdom right in front of me. I was so busy trying to do God’s work, I hadn’t taken the time to see the world through God’s eyes. Ultimately it was an issue of honest worship. How could I presume to lead people to worship a God of grace and compassion if I didn’t allow his grace and compassion to flow through me?

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Two Ways to Enhance Your Art

All the beautiful art you experience can be traced back to the creativity of the Creator. As an artist, why wouldn’t you want to soak yourself in the poetry, stories, and songs of the only self-sustaining and self-influenced Artist that exists?

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Weekends with Spurgeon – Issue #1

“Weekends with” is our new weekend devotional segment. Check in every weekend for a sermon excerpt by renowned preachers like Charles Spurgeon, George Whitefield and more. This week, we have an excerpt from Charles Spurgeon’s sermon on Psalm 45:8, “They have made you glad.”