Author: Erik deLange


Tony Stark, Spiderman Doesn’t Need You

Its self-awareness is an asset. At one point it makes direct homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; Donald Glover is given a medium sized cameo role in response to a massive internet campaign to make him the new Spiderman; and Michael Keaton, with previous superhero affiliations to both Batman and Birdman, makes an excellent and nuanced supervillain. But self-awareness is also its downfall. In the laborious attempt to introduce Spiderman into the MCU, Spiderman’s richer themes and potential get lost amidst its frequent reference to self.


Jim Carrey Does Not Exist

With his latest Netflix special “The Great Beyond” coming to Netflix on November 17, Jim Carrey attributes the experience reprising the character of Andy Kaufman as a transcendent experience that helped his realize that “Jim Carrey” doesn’t exist. According to him, “Jim Carrey” is a character he’s been playing for many years, “But,” he explains on Jimmy Kimmel “I don’t think of that as me anymore.”