Converge Media Inc. (hereon referred to as Converge) is, by nature, a Christian organization. Therefore, we adhere to historically orthodox Christian teaching and doctrine (as codified in such texts as the Nicene Creed and the Apostles creed.) This includes the foundational belief in a triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the incarnation of Christ, being in nature fully God and fully man. We believe in his life, ministry, death, resurrection, and imminent return. We believe that he died to reconcile all of creation to the Father and that only through believing in him can one be saved and restored back to a right relationship with God.

However, because of the multitude of opinions and beliefs about various issues currently present in both our culture and the Church at large, we believe it necessary to clarify our positions on certain topics. (These are the beliefs and values of Converge’s staff and do not necessarily represent the views and beliefs of all parties associated with Converge. They serve, however, as a reference for those who would like to know where Converge stands organizationally on certain topics.)


that the Bible is God’s authoritative, inerrant, and eternal word for all issues of life.

that God is always good in nature, character, and action.

that God and his will can be known through the Bible, through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

that Jesus is King and that he is the only one worthy to rule all the nations and peoples of the earth.

that all human beings are created in the image of God, and therefore have infinite intrinsic value, regardless of race, sex, age, ability, health or socioeconomic status.

that God created humanity as male and female.

that men and women, although biologically different, are equal in the sight of God and therefore must have the same rights and value under the law.

that God’s good intention for human sexuality was to be between one man and one woman, united in marriage until death.

that pornography is a modern-day sexual health epidemic; entirely outside the will of God for human sexuality.

that life begins at conception and therefore the intentional termination of life before birth is against what God has commanded.

that the family unit (father, mother, and children) is God’s primary vehicle for human growth and flourishing and that parents, not the state, have the right to raise their children as they see fit.

that people have the right, within the morals of scripture, to engage in business; to buy, create, and sell all manner of goods and services.

that all human authority, although imperfect, has been instituted by God, and therefore we must honour our leaders, pray for them, and refrain from speaking evil of them.

that humanity has been tasked with governing the earth and that this includes good stewardship and care of our natural environment (plants, animals, ecosystems, etc.)

in the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit as actively functioning and vital for believers today.

in prayer and fasting as effective spiritual tools to align our hearts and circumstances with the will of God.

that all things, seen and unseen, were created by God as good and that all things exist for his glory.

in the existence of an unseen spiritual realm that exists alongside and affects our perceived reality. This includes the existence of Satan, his demons, and the powers of darkness as active forces of evil within the world and the existence of Angels and heavenly beings as active forces of good within the world, assisting the saints and resisting the powers of darkness.

that it is the destiny of the saints to rule and reign with Christ for all eternity.

that God shows mercy to all people, desiring that none should perish and that His kindness leads people to repentance.

that the soul is eternal and will spend eternity in blessed communion with God or separation from him and all life.

that Jesus Christ is returning soon to the earth to establish a Kingdom that will never end.

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