A Rainy Spring Playlist

It has been an exceptionally rainy spring, even for Vancouverites. The following playlist is a mix of new and old, blending genres with thematic depth and distinction. Employing the latest from Bazan, Sufjan, Jordan Klassen, and Harry Styles, this swampy mix marries the current zeitgeist to the latest songs with an ear for what I need to hear right now.

A Rainy Spring

  1. Gracie — Ben Folds
  2. Sign of the Times — Harry Styles
  3. O Lord Hear My Prayer — Taize Community Choir
  4. Up All Night — David Bazan
  5. Saturn — Sufjan Stevens
  6. First of May — Formerly Bodies
  7. Aphasia — Pinegrove
  8. Carol — Jordan Klassen
  9. Bullet Proof… I Wish I Was — S. Carey
  10. Love and Mercy — Brian Wilson