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Mustache Season

Movember is upon us once again to bless those upper lips with the bristly bush of the mustache! Gentlemen, the time has come to banish those razors and embrace the craft of grooming, trimming and tweezing into the art of fine mustachery in the name of prostate cancer.

Starting November 1st guys will start fresh with a clean shaven face, register at Movember.com and not shave for 30 days. For the first few days, those around you may develop the “scraggily wisps” or “patchy clumps around the lip” syndrome but will soon develop a fine, well groomed mustache, be it the “Handlebar,” the “Connoiseur” or the “Abrakadabra.”

Ladies, you may grimace now. The itchy scratchy feeling of your boyfriend’s or husband’s mustache up your nose is seldom welcomed when leaning in for a loving smooch. However, as you may know, the 30-day of mastachery is all for the good cause of  raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer.

The appearance on a normally clean shaven man usually gets the reaction of “Oh, what a fine mustache you have! Why the mustache?” or even “Ew, you look like a creep! Why the mustache?” which then the mustache wearer has to justify his new look by explaining what it’s all about and informing whoever asks about prostate cancer. Through the month of Movember, all guys are allowed to let that upper lip bloom, whether they can grow a mustache or not. Even if a guy with a stache-in-question, (usually a speckled creepy pencil mustache you would find sitting in a white van or a lush jungle clinging onto bits of that morning’s breakfast) is fighting for the cause.

Movember: the fuzz

Movember has gained rapid popularity in Canada and around the world. The idea for campaign started in 1999 by a group of men in Australia who, in a bar  one night, came up with the grand idea of growing mustaches for charity. Since then the movement has inspired more than a million men (and women!) to participate globally, with formal campaigns in Canada, US, Australia, the UK and more.

After registering on Movember.com, men groom their mustaches and submit photos of their progress. People then donate to someone they know, or to a team, or they can make a general donation to the cause.

The funds raised support the number one male cancer, prostate cancer. Canada alone has raised $22.3 million in 2010. Globally $176 million has been raised.

According to Movember.com, growing the ‘stache has not only raised funds but has encouraged the participants to get general check-ups and be more aware of their general health.

For more information, or to get involved or to donate, click on Movember.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the number one male cancer, affecting 1 in 7 men in Canada. It occurs when cells in the prostate start to grow uncontrollably and develop tumours. According to Prostate Cancer Canada, 25,500 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and 4,100 of them will die this year alone.

90% of prostate cancer cases can be curable if detected early enough, so gentlemen, do take note of this and see your doctor for anything. Baring that in mind, don’t be bashful or even the tough guy because you should never ignore anything that could be unusual to you body.

For more information on prostate cancer, go to Prostate Cancer Canada.

What kind of mustache can I grow?

New to this? Your mustache does not have to be the threat of the school playground. There are a number of different styles of ‘staches you can grow, depending on how much you can grow. For starters, see style chart below:

Movember Mustache styleguide

Happy growing gents!