The Wicks Clouds Cover
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Music Review: Clouds by The Wicks

Late last year Victoria’s The Wicks put out Clouds– a highly worthwhile EP for the winter season. A precursor to a full length set for release some time this spring, Clouds shies away from being either rock or country, choosing to reside in the divine space in between.

In The New Sea and Whiskey are reminiscent of alt-rock contemporaries Cuff The Duke and The British Columbians, while Divorce captures the hazy essence of The Real Estate’s Days. Fall Song leaves off with a elusive saxophone outro, while Vacation and Geese are permeated by bold violins and unpretentious riffs.

On occasion the lead vocalist does seems like he’s stretching to accommodate vocal techniques he hasn’t mastered yet, or perhaps attempting vocal characteristics that don’t suit his character perfectly well. That said, the lead vocals find their greatest strength in accompaniment by other male harmonies, recalling the only likely reason I was into The Trews in high school. This would be my only critique to an otherwise decent collection of songs.

What is most striking about Clouds is there a certain weariness and sincerity about it—an implicit sense of drawing creativity from the common day-to-day working life. I may be wrong but after a long day of working outside in the snow, these songs seem appropriately comforting

Have a listen to Clouds at, and look forward to a full length coming out sometime soon.