If Jesus is my girlfriend

If Jesus is my girlfriend

I often hear complaints among my guy friends about the music at church. You know, the general ‘Jesus is my boyfriend’ type of music that so many of our churches are into. I admit, there’s only so many times I can sing ‘oh how he loves us’ and variations of ‘I need you, I want you, you’re beautiful’ before I start to question whether this is the best way to relate to Jesus.

I wish someone would write a song that guys can relate to, something like, ‘Jesus, you are like my coach, I am on your team. You help me win at life. I’d like to hang around a campfire with you and tell jokes sometime.’

It seems like it’s easier for women — he’s like the ultimate boyfriend, I guess. However, if Jesus is the incarnation of a God, who is beyond gender, is it really that weird to think of him kinda like a girlfriend? Bear with me, and hold the cries of ‘blasphemy!’

I’ve recently been through a breakup. It was my first serious relationship, and I thought I was going to marry this girl. Then, one day without warning, it was over. Later on, we were able to talk about and process what went wrong in the relationship, and it opened my eyes to some blind spots I had about my character and habits. I also realized that until I can learn to love Jesus, truly love him and devote myself to him, that I won’t be ready for marriage.

So what lessons did I learn from having a girlfriend can I apply to my relationship with Jesus?

After my relationship ended, I wanted so badly to try again: to lavish gifts on her and wash her car, carry her books, drive her around and do just about anything to show I loved her and wanted to make it work.

But it was too late. I had taken her for granted, and then she was gone. It got me thinking of how often I take Jesus for granted. Maybe he wants to be pursued, and loved, fully, in different ways. Fortunately, with Jesus, it’s never too late to start. He will always forgive us, and receive us, and want relationship with us.

In some ways, I think pursuing God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit is sort of like pursuing a girl. God wants our attention and our love. Not only that but he desires for us to show him our love. We need to do more than offer him praise, and tell him he’s ‘beautiful.’ Sure, that’s important: but it’s only part of the overall act of worship. True worship flows into total devotion — and that effects every area of our thinking and actions.

They say that you don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it. I know its true.

What if we could lose Jesus’ love? Would that affect how we pursue him, serve him, treat him?

Maybe just because he won’t break it off one day doesn’t mean we should pursue him less. So I challenge you to consider how worthy Jesus is of your attention, love and devotion. And I pray that you never take his love for granted.


Flickr photo (cc) by chlsgraphy