Why we need fiery faith

Fire is appealing. The bright embers can warm and even ignite us. Spiritually, this very thing can save a cold soul who has ebbed and flowed in a frequency of lukewarm faith. A lack of a fire can destroy our faith.

It’s natural to not maintain a steady fire for God — we are temperamental beings who are easily distracted. But it’s safe to assume, deep down in our gut, there lays a natural instinct — we know what we need. When it’s a rainier than normal summer, we grab an umbrella though it may be inconvenient. When we grab our cup of scalding hot coffee, we pause and skim the top with our breath to cool first then indulge that first perfect sip. And when our faith is weary, we (should) read the Word and seek our Father to gain back that fire that was once familiar and not so foreign to us. But this is more difficult than adding ice cubes to your mug, isn’t it?

The human spirit tends to travel and linger in the space of uncertainty that causes forgetfulness of who we once were — perhaps a stronger believer. Other things start to have the lure of “bright red”, replacing that Spirit fire. So we settle for it, becoming careless and forgetting the true flame that once existed. Any hint of spark we once had evaporates and this lukewarm faith is a muck we become stuck in.

Jesus says, “Everything is possible for him who believes. How can we be well while in a state of ignoring that invitation? God is prepared for our woes and for our uncertainty. He is equipped to wrestle with our unbelief. It will help us exceedingly if we recognize that. This God you may have forgotten has not forgotten you. Our apathy towards God and our wandering is not excusable just because we want to see or experience “more”. We lie to ourselves. He is more. When we start living for what’s in front and around us and not above us, our posture becomes contingent, which leads to a circumstantial faith. I want to challenge us to meditate on the certainty of God’s kingdom, daily. We cannot see it easily in this world, but if we seek it we will see it more and more. The glory of what we will see will far outweigh the glittering seductions that we see on the ground, here and now.

Though the human spirit is rebellious, we do not need to fall permanently into a lukewarm faith. And Jesus doesn’t ask for truly anything more than a seed-sized righteous faith, because with that “…nothing will be impossible for you.”

My hope is that we will strive to be people of the kind of fiery faith that’s recognized as the blood and body of the living God in this world; my challenge is for us to become the truly passionate ones — whose fire is truth and knowledge, not the reckless and feeble flames that man has to offer.


Photo by (Flickr CC) Zyada