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2 Weekends till Xmas: Baked Christmas Goodies

Well would you look at that? Christmas is only two weekends away!  Perhaps you haven’t gone gift shopping yet or you’re a little tight on the cash flow. That’s all fine, there’s still time to make use of what’s available to do this little weekend project: Baked Christmas Goodies. Now who doesn’t want to unwrap a loving gift of gingerbread cookies or shortbread? Everyone (well, mostly everyone) loves baked goodies!

Now for those who shy away from the kitchen, do not fear. Just roll up your sleeves and do not be afraid of getting a little floury. Baking is safe and easy as long as you follow the recipes closely. Leave the improvisation and eyeing measurements (such as a pinch of salt here, a dash of sugar there – whatever that means) for the skilled or the comfortable. Don’t worry, anyone can bake, even those who claim to have burned water!

So we’ve drooled over food blogs to bring you 6 bite-sized, wrap-able recipes to sit nicely under the tree until Christmas morning (or until somebody sniffs them out and has a nibble or two).

Just click away the links. They’ll bring you to the original blog with the recipe provided. 

Santa Hat Brownies

 Santa Hat Brownies
From Daisy’s World Blog adapted from a recipe on Erica’s Sweet Tooth

Gingerbread Cookies
From She’s Coming Doughmesstic

Red Velvet Krispie Treats
From Pass The Sushi

The Snowball
From In The Little Red House

Lovely photos too!

Peppermint Bark
Recipe from Joy of Baking.

With a video! So handy. And yes, we realize this isn’t technically baking.


For your vegan friends:
Chocoliate Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls
From Oh She Glows. 

Another non-bake recipe.

Good luck with this week’s weekend project! Converge will not be held accountable for the weight you may or may not gain from these delicious recipes. Eat at your own discretion.