Author: Wes Jakacki


Converge’s Spring Playlist

  There is probably no time of year that people experience a more significant mood shift than spring! Sure the Christmas season brings joy to many, but being around family gives anxiety to many others. Spring is the most universal time for joy and excitement — new life and hope […]


John Mark McMillan: a Q&A

In the world of worship music, John Mark McMillan is a man that marches to the beat of his own drum. Blending Americana and praise, the North Carolina singer/songwriter has carved out his own path, writing some of the most moving worship songs this past decade including “How He Loves […]


It’s that time of year: a playlist

Christmas music. It’s everywhere. Pop and Christian radio stations dedicate an entire month to playing nothing but festive tunes, and stores are filled with the sound. It’s not exactly my favourite thing, since the ratio of good-to-bad Christmas songs is wildly tipped to the ugly side, but there are some […]