Author: Paul Arnold


Mary’s Radical Song of Mercy

For all the stories we tell about Mary, we usually miss one of her most important contributions to the Christmas story: her song in the first chapter of Luke’s gospel. Mary’s song (or her “Magnificat”) was the first theological reflection on Christ in the New Testament. But we barely hear […]


Top 10 Religious Pilgrimages

Our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you. (St. Augustine) How exactly do you go about finding God so you can receive rest? For better or for worse, the answer remains elusive for many of us. Some choose to ignore it and settle into life’s natural rhythms,but […]


The Creation-Evolution Standoff

When Bill Nye approached the podium in his emblematic bowtie, turned to Ken Ham and said, “Mr. Ham, I learned something. Thank you,” I was shocked. I find most public debates about science and religion pretty boring; the most recent debate — between atheist Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and […]


An African take on money

Dan, 38, muses under a large gum tree in Uganda’s green countryside. “When I was 16, there was only one jacket in my village. One jacket to be shared by maybe 50 guys. If anyone had a date they would all wear that same jacket.” He laughs at the memory. […]