Author: Michael Morelli


The “Hymn” is Back “In”

These days, people are talking about “hymns” in the same way they talk about things that are “vintage”. They think of hymns as being more authentic and countercultural — mostly because they’ve been around longer than ten years. But do they really understand what hymns are or where they came from? […]


Life is ___ with Judah Smith

Judah Smith speaks with a slight drawl and a charismatic rhythm that draws listeners in. The first thing he tells me, as he sits down for our interview, is that he’s addicted to hand sanitizer. He produces a bottle of Purell from his vest pock and squeezes a generous amount […]


Say hello to Ello

The new social media platform has everyone buzzing. But can we trust it to be different? Ello. It’s the new social media network that’s been dubbed the anti-Facebook. It has no ads, no third parties purchasing your personal information, and some interesting features you’d only see coming from a social […]