Author: Jason Burtt

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Should we go to church the same the way we go to the mall?

The church had shaggy green carpet, and a musty smell to boot, but that didn’t seem to bother the worshippers. That Sunday morning, as my family passed through the glass doors of the old brick building, we were greeted by smiles and gospel choruses. The foyer bustled with people coming and going between services — each making their way from the engraved wooden pews to their cars outside, but not without hugging a friend and sharing a story or two.

Scuba diving with Groupon
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Dawn of the deal

How Groupon changed everything. I have become a “Craigslist king,” according to one of my students. “How do you do it, man?” he asked. “You find everything you need for next to nothing! Teach me your ways.” Part of me wishes he had the same passionate inquisitiveness with regard to […]

5 books every pastor should read
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5 Books Every Pastor Should Read

“Boy, you’ve got to read this book. It changed my life!” We’ve all heard someone emphatically report on the quality of this or that book, and then encourage us to read it. But many of us internally squint in scepticism, because we know that cataclysmic, paradigm-shifting experiences are rare, and […]

Jake Gillenhaal and Michelle Monaghan in Source Code
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Source Code Review

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Source Code, a sci-fi suspense film with an incredible storyline. Gyllenhaal plays the role of Colter Stephens, an army captain who finds himself trapped in the body of a man he does not recognize, while seated on a commuter train headed for Chicago. In front of […]