Author: Iain Murray


Worship wars: can we cross the great divide?

Remember the great “Worship Wars” of the ’90s and early ’00s? On one side, drum kits were demonized, on the other, organs were considered passé. Thus, a great, seemingly  uncrossable, chasm formed between the generations. Some of the arguments were theological in nature, while others focused on musical preferences. And […]


Is church too casual?

To wear jeans, or to not wear jeans in church. Is that really the question? I’d like to think I’m a pretty casual guy, and my wardrobe tends to reflect that. I have lots of hoodies, a few pairs of jeans, and the suit section of my closest is full […]


3 ways to make evangelism not suck

If you’re a millennial and if you’ve grown up in an evangelical church, chances are you’ve been introduced to the video series The Way of the Master (hosted by my friend and yours, Kirk Cameron). The series focuses on connecting those from outside the Christian faith with Jesus, as strangers […]