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The secret to living to 91

“God frequently speaks to us from a ‘burning bush,’ in the fretful whimper of a feverish child, in the anxious questions of a preoperative surgical patient, and in the frail moans of a fragile elder.” — Mary Elizabeth O’Brien This is my wife’s story. She told it to me after an […]

4 ways to survive the business world
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4 ways to survive the business world

Surviving in the business world doesn’t just happen automatically. Here are four things Christian businesspeople should remember on their way to success. The plane is going down. You recall the flight attendant’s seemingly inane demonstration while you were still on the tarmac, but now you’re grateful for that one piece […]

International Justice Mission, Clare and Vincent
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Restoring Justice

In the magazine: Relief organizations often act as charities. They provide relief, but their hands are tied when it comes to changing systemic problems. International Justice Mission (IJM) is different. For them it is not enough to give aid; they must also work to solve problem at its root. Their […]