Author: Chelsea Batten

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Good deeds or good marketing?

Last week, filmmaker Casey Neistat released a video showing how he put $25,000 of movie studio marketing money into a relief campaign for Typhoon Haiyan victims. My cynicism is so firmly ingrained that when I see something nice, something proactive, something that might even be called “good works,” I feel […]

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@TipsForJesus: who are you?

This makes up for everything. Rest easy, Jesus-followers everywhere. We can now move on from our gay-hating, cheap-skating reputation. It’s once again safe for you to eat in restaurants. @TipsForJesus is a modern-day Robin Hood, repairing the damage done to your spiritual-social collateral by dropping massive gratuities to flabbergasted servers […]

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This pope is dope

OK, srsly. When is Pope Francis going to get his celebrity-status foreshortened nickname? A false intimacy with the Catholic Church’s quiet storm feels a lot more warm and life-affirming to my insides than with, say, RPatz or Brangelina. If only his name lent itself more easily to hyphenated monikers. Po-Fran […]