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Join the Advent Conspiracy

Way back in 2006, four churches in Portland, Oregon decided to forego the usual Christmas spending spree and donate the money they saved to Living Water International.

The following year, a bunch more churches joined them in doing the same thing, again.

I don’t know how many years or how many people are required to classify something as a movement. But at this point, I’m hearing about Advent Conspiracy all over the place. Maybe you have, too.

Advent Conspiracy isn’t a thing you have to “join” — learning about it gets you more than halfway there. The idea is that give the way God gave to the world on the inaugural Christmas.


With time, space, and presence.

And that money you didn’t spend on iPhone accessories and gift cards? That also goes after the fashion of God’s giving: to help save the lives of people near and far. The Advent Conspiracy folks concentrate their efforts on providing clean water and assisting in international justice, but I’m sure they’d endorse your giving it to feed hungry people in your city or provide medical relief to people in war-torn parts of the world.

“Conspiracy” is a fun word. It gives you a kind of Luke Skywalker rebel insurgency feeling, am I right?

But what we’re really conspiring against is ourselves. At least, the selves we’ve turned into.

By joining Advent Conspiracy in some form or fashion, you and I are probably not going to change Christmas for the western world, at large. Not this year, anyway. But we could end up changing it for ourselves, or for someone who really needs a miracle.

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