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The Theology of food

“Our present ecological crisis… has a great deal to do with our failure to think of the world as existing in relation to the mystery of God, not just as a huge warehouse of stuff to be used for our convenience.” —Archbishop Rowan Williams There’s this old statement of faith called […]


Tattoos: To ink or not to ink

I almost got a tattoo once. I was seventeen, full to the brim with angst, and dead set on what I wanted. I asked my parents, and while it seems completely strange when I think about it now, they hesitantly agreed. I was pretty sure you had to be 18 though,  […]


This world is broken

As a university student, I usually feel optimistic about the development of attitudes promoting racial and gender equality in our society. On campus, the hallways, office doors, and bathroom stalls are filled with posters encouraging us to respect diversity. In my political science classes, we learn about policies, theories, and […]