7 Ways to Worship God at Work

Some days, the trudge from nine to five feels like trekking through a spiritual no-man’s land. Maybe I should resign, I think, move to Nepal and pass out copies of the Gospel of John. Then my work could count for the Kingdom.

When I find myself thinking this way, I imagine the Apostle Paul saying, “Wait a minute. I said, ‘Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.’ 1 Cor. 10:31.” Whether we pump gas in Toronto, teach at the University of Illinois, or run an orphanage in Sudan, our work can worship God. But, how?

We worship God at work when we depend on him for:

  • Intellectual Help: When we’re stumped on a project and wracking our brain for a solution, we can stop and ask God for insight. When we depend on him for intellectual help, we worship our all-knowing God.
  • Material Help: If we’re running an hour behind schedule, due to a catastrophe in the morning, cutting corners and trying to recover on our own, we can ask God to intervene. When we depend on God for logistical and material help, we worship our all-powerful God.
  • Fruit-of-the-Spirit Help: After hearing a sermon on love, we might prepare to muscle our way through loving our coworkers, or we can also ask the Holy Spirit to produce Jesus’ love in us. When we depend on God to reveal the character of Jesus in us, we worship the God who dwells in us.

We also worship God at work when we offer him:

  • Our Best: Whether we clean houses, build software, or balance the company’s finances, we’re in charge of developing and caring for our corner of the world. When we do our best to reflect God’s creativity and care in our work, we worship the God who made us in his image (Genesis 1:26)
  • Thank-You’s: God wants us to acknowledge all the gifts we take for granted: a job that pays the bills, a boss who isn’t abusive, or catching a mistake before the email goes out. When we neglect to thank God, even for the small things, we started edging away from him (Romans 1:21), but when we give thanks, we worship our giving God.
  • Wonder: Too often, we stress our way through work, oblivious to the wonders of life, but each day is full of opportunities to develop a sense of awe for all the possibilities God crammed into this world. When we praise God for digital technology, a coworker’s immune system that kicked the flu, or the microwave that heated up lunch, we worship our creative God.
  • Ultimate Credit: When we land a big sale that impresses the boss, we can bask in the glow of our success, or we can also acknowledge that God’s behind it. When we give God ultimate credit, we worship the God who made our strengths and helps us in our weaknesses.

So, let’s worship God through our work today—whether we’re preaching in the jungles of Indonesia, gloving up for heart surgery, or flipping gorditas at Taco Bell.

Originally posted at shannongianotti.com

Photo by Filipp Kozachuk