7 ways to make the most out of summer

Whether you’re a college student, earning some much-needed tuition cash, or someone who’s stuck in an office cubicle, I hate to break it to you, but summer’s half over. So here are seven ways to make the most out of it!

1. Take a spontaneous road trip with a friend.

If you’re a student, its crucial to make money during the summer months to help pay off your student loans. But lets be honest: you are only young once. Go on a trip and have some friend time, even if it’s only for a day.

2. Write a thank you note. Or 12.

Summer is a perfect time to reflect on the blessings around you. Last year I wrote 87 “summer letters,” and what Ive learned from that experience is this: everyone loves a piece of good olfashioned mail. Take some time to write a letter to someone who is near and dear. Or if you’re feeling bold, leave a note in a random place for a stranger to discover. Through encouraging others, youll end up encouraging yourself. I promise you wont be disappointed.

3. Leave the phone at home for the night.

As much as I say I dont have an obsession with my phone, I do. I love  to Instagram my perfect ice cream sandwich, or check Twitter in the midst of an awkward moment. But Im beginning to realize that at the end of the day, my friends are much more interesting than a screen.

4. Try new food.

Go to a new restaurant. Or check out that food truck parked down the street. Though getting out of the familiar might catch you off guard, it also might be the perfect gateway to lead you to try even more new things.

5. Have a usual.

Despite #4, its cool to have a usual. It’s amazing what kinds of adventures you can have or people you meet if you visit a café or a park at roughly the same time every day. Figure out familiar faces. Sit with them. Make an unordinary friend.

6. Get outside.

Learn to embrace the heat, and find out what’s happening in your city or the next one over. Youd be surprised by the amount of festivals filled with concerts and food that you can experience right in your own backyard!

7. Make a bucket list and commit to it.

Its easy to hold off of your plans because of weather, laziness, or the Ill do it tomorrowspeech you tell yourself. Making a list will be the catalyst to jump start your already started summer, and make you feel like youve accomplished things (that you actually want to do!) instead of wasting away your day sitting in the sun. Unless thats the only thing on your list, of course.

Photo (Flickr CC) by James Bowe.