Why your food matters

Christians are prone to talk endlessly about predestination and mission, but when it comes to the concrete everyday mores of life, we are oddly silent. So what does God intend for the most ordinary of things like food?

Quite literally, the Bible tells us whether we eat or drink, we should do so for the glory of God. So here are some practical ways we can give glory to Him through how and what we eat.

1. Everything is a gift from God. So be thankful.

This is God’s world, and He provides every morsel of food. A worshipful heart is needed to realize that God created and provided that food. 

2. Celebrate. Like really throw down.

Every time we honour God through celebration, we are remembering and anticipating the greatest party of all time, the banquet of all banquets. It was even on Jesus’ mind during the Last Supper, while He was preparing for the cross: “I tell you I will not drink again of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.” (Matthew 26:29.)

3. You have to eat everyday, so eat well.

Jesus ate so well that people called Him a glutton and a drunk. The goal of eating shouldn’t be “how can I get the most for my dollar.” That’s a utilitarian view of life, where food isn’t a gift to give thanks for, but only a means to an end. There’s tension here, as frivolous spending and constant overindulgence are vices. But would a non-Christian — who watched how you eat, how you order at a restaurant, and how you generally conduct your meals — conclude you have a beautiful and creative God who provides for His children? Food doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun, so be adventurous when you can be.

4.   Eat local.

Build relationships through farmers’ markets, local restaurants, local chefs, and local grocers. Caring for those who serve you by learning their names, tipping well, and valuing their vocation is a great way to show your love and respect for them. Plus, eating locally allows you to invest in the local economy and gives you greater appreciation and connection to the food you eat.

5. Eat with other people.

This isn’t biblical mandate, but eating with people frequently is a fantastic way to mimic the ministry of Jesus. Sharing a meal is a time to be present with one another other, to listen, and ask questions. It’s a time when you’re able to practice hospitality, generosity, and vulnerability.

How we interact with our food is so interconnected with living in right relationship with ourselves, others, and God. It’s essential to living a good, loving, and beautiful life filled with gratitude.

So go ahead, give glory to God, and bon appétit!

Photo (Flickr CC) by Alagich Katya.