What kind of worker are you?

We all have our own way of getting the job done. Some people need structure while others can’t be tied down — no way is better than the rest. In fact, different personalities are key to making a team move forward. Knowing what kind of worker you are is a great way to understanding how you can best contribute! Take this quiz to find out.

  1. When you get up in the morning…
    1. You are the first one up in the house. You like to get the coffee pot brewing and stretch out those newspaper creases.
    2. Whether the clouds are out or the sun is up, you are excited about the day ahead.
    3. There’s just enough time to get out the door.
    4. Your alarm is set on your favourite song so you can enjoy your tunes as your crawl out from the sheets.
    5. Spilled coffee, stained suit, and heavy traffic could make for a bad start to the day. But no worries, you can keep it cool. Just grab a new cup, find a different outfit, Google a different route, and you are ready to go!
    6. Mornings are pretty set in stone; you have it down to the second. If anything throws off your morning routine, your whole day is ruined.
  2. You are working on a new project and someone informs you that you’re doing it all wrong…
    1. You step back and look at the big picture to re-evaluate what would be best for the overall goal.
    2. You are grateful for the insight! You thank this informative person profusely.
    3. You appreciate their input, but you think you might be on to something. You continue to go ahead with your original plan.
    4. You brainstorm a brand new way to work on the project.
    5. No problem! You find the best compromise to make sure everyone’s happy.
    6. You know that results need to happen. So rather than getting upset, you take the advice in stride. Because no matter what, the goal has to be reached.
  3. You buy a new put-it-together-yourself bookcase and…
    1. You know it has to get done, and you don’t necessarily know how to do it, so you delegate your friend to read the instructions while you examine the various pieces before you.
    2. You buy your friends pizza and cheer them on as they do it for you.
    3. Instructions? Who needs them. You delve right into the task, and figure it out as you go.
    4. You put the bookcase together with the intention of giving it a paint job later.
    5. A quiver of delight rushes through your insides. It’s like a giant puzzle needing to be put back together!
    6. You read the instructions and work at it until the job is done.
  4. How do you relax after a long week?
    1. By inviting some friends over to your house. There’s nothing better than sharing your time and home with others.
    2. You attend one of your co-worker’s sporting events, making sure you bring giant signs to pass along to the other fans.
    3. You are an adrenaline junky. Your weekends always need a little bit of adventure to get your blood pumping.
    4. Sometimes it’s painting, sometimes its salsa dancing. Whatever it is, you need to express yourself!
    5. You love to keep your brain working. Your dream weekend involves reading a new book or watching a documentary.
    6. You relish predictability. Whether it is being outside or staying in, hanging with a lot of people or relaxing on your own — you tend to stick with what you know.
  5. You have to clean your house…
    1. So you decide to make a chart for you and your roommates or family members to follow.
    2. Though it’s not your favourite activity, it doesn’t really faze you — you can always have a good attitude about it!
    3. The house isn’t that dirty, is it? Cleaning only should happen when it reaches the un-livable stage.
    4. You crank up the tunes and start dancing with your mop! Who said cleaning had to be boring?
    5. Sweeping up the kitchen or wiping off the counters — it’s a nice way to feel like you’ve accomplished something!
    6. Every Sunday, you start from one end and go to the other.
  6. Your “go-to” app is…?
    1. LinkedIn
    2. Twitter
    3. Mobile Bandit
    4. Instagram
    5. TriviaCrack
    6. Facebook
  7. When your friend calls you up it’s usually because…
    1. Your friend wants to get people together and you’re the best at rallying the troops.
    2. Your friend wants to tell you about what’s happening in his life — whether it’s good or bad, you are excited to hear about what’s going on.
    3. He needs a companion for something a little bit wild, he knew you were the only one who would be up for it.
    4. You are going to be hanging out and you are usually the one who is good at coming up with something new to do!
    5. Your friend has a problem and you’re really good at listening.
    6. You will always say yes to plans.

If you mostly chose A, you are:
The Leader: Whether it’s your idea or not, you are always willing to take the lead. You are able to see people through God’s eyes, as you recognize the distinct gifts and abilities of those around you. You know what it takes to reach the goal, and you know what it takes to move people forward.

If you mostly chose B, you are:
The Cheerleader: You are all about keeping the team moral on cloud nine, which makes you thoroughly loved and appreciated wherever you go. You have the perspective to always see the good that God is doing in people’s lives, and love others by your constant encouragement.

If you mostly chose C, you are:
The Risk Taker: You are the first to jump at new opportunities. You have the wisdom to know that your success is not based on your own skills, but through God; you trust that He will see things through, every time. This tenacity and excitement for something new is a driving force in your life. It’s what makes you stand above the crowd.

If you mostly chose D, you are:
The Creative: You are always coming up with something new. You have the ability to see things in a different shade than everyone else, creating extraordinary results that keeps everyone on their toes. You experience God in new and creative ways. This helps motivate and inspire your work.

If you mostly chose E, you are:
The Problem Solver: Complications don’t faze you. Instead, they’re what makes you thrive. Your big-picture thinking gives you the ability to look at a problem and see the path to get it back on track. The key to your success is your strong trust that God always has things under control.

If you mostly chose F, you are:
The Backbone: You stand out as someone who can be relied on. No matter the circumstance, you work at everything with your whole heart, and your faith in God is unshakable. You’re always willing to drop what you are doing for others.

Originally published in Issue 21 of Converge Magazine.


Photo by (Flickr CC) martinak15