How to survive Valentine’s Day as a single girl

For many single ladies out there, Valentine’s Day is scarier than Halloween (with just as much sugar intake). Before you anxiously count down the minutes until February 15, here are some tips to survive Valentine’s Day and — dare I say it — actually enjoy it:

Get your love on

With your friends and family. Resist the urge to have your only company that night be Ben, Jerry and Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time. Instead, embrace the love that is already in your sphere of influence: cook dinner for your sibling, call your parents, celebrate your girlfriends a la Galentine’s Day Parks and Recreation style. Don’t wallow in what you’re missing — surround yourself with what you already have.

Send your love out

Revert back to second grade and send a valentine to everyone you know. Take this as an opportunity to affirm your neighbour, coworker, friend, or relative and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Go ahead and laugh a little

Debunk Valentine’s Day traditions and poke fun at it all (in good fun, of course). Change your Facebook profile to a picture of you with 20 stuffed animal cats you bought on Amazon. Life is too short not to laugh a little while you’re alive.

Remember that singleness isn’t a bad thing

The only thing you need to be more aware of on Singleness Awareness Day is how God can use you right where you are. Your current marital status is no accident. So seek first His will for you, and take advantage of all the unique opportunities you have to grow, learn, and serve today. Don’t lament your current situation as you, yourself, and you. Rejoice in your current situation as you, God, and God’s will for you.

It’s just another day

February 14 is another new day to love God and His people — even if you aren’t loving a significant other.

Photo (Flickr CC) by Brittanie Loren Pendleton.