Wycliffe College

Wycliffe College

Verbum Domini Manet. ‘The Word of the Lord endures or abides.’

An evangelical seminary in the heart of a global city at the University of Toronto. Flexible. Affordable. Online or residential.


Why Wycliffe?

Wycliffe College could lead you to:

  • Be Shaped by Scripture
  • Draw Closer to God
  • Find Your Calling
  • Lead with Conviction
  • Share the Good News with a World that’s Hungry for it
  • Be an Instrument of Change.

We love where we live

Situated at the heart of Canada’s largest university, Wycliffe offers access to the largest research library system in Canada. Athletic facilities, restaurants, parks, museums, and other cultural institutions are all located within easy walking distance.

Christ-Centered Community

Whether sharing laughter in the hallways, shouting over sports games in the common room, catching up over family-style meals, or having fellow residents drop by during a study break, the built-in community at Wycliffe offers the feeling of family.

Featured Programs:

  • 7-Course Certificate in Theological Studies
  • 1-year Master of Arts in Theological Studies
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies
Visit our website for program and course offerings. For answers to questions or to schedule a tour, contact


Location: Toronto, ON
Type of School: Graduate School, Seminary
Date Founded: 1877
Affiliation: Evangelical Anglican
Degrees Offered: Masters/Phd
Tuition: $602 per course for Mdiv/MTS
Student Population: 270
Average Class Size: 15
Room and Board: Yes
Scholarships Available: Yes
Campus Jobs: Yes
Varsity Sports: Yes
Online Courses: Yes
Campus Library: Yes
Study Abroad: Yes
Deadline: May 31st, 2020
Contact Phone: 416-946-3535