Clearwater Bible College

Clearwater Bible College

Equipping for Life and Ministry

Come! Deepen your relationship with God! Get grounded in God’s word! Grow as a follower of Christ in an increasingly sophisticated world!
Why Clearwater

At Clearwater College, the spiritual growth of students is primary. We are passionate about encountering God, biblical instruction, authentic community, life transformation, ministry preparation, and mission outreach. Our programs combine solid Biblical teaching with relevant life application and practical skill development to equip students for Spirit-filled living and ministry.

Local Features

Clearwater’s beautifully forested 78-acre campus is nestled in a picturesque valley in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Enhanced by crystal streams and bordered by the Clearwater River, the campus provides a virtual paradise for recreational activities and a serene wilderness setting for meeting with God amidst His creation.

Community Culture

At Clearwater College, we cherish and intentionally cultivate a family culture of acceptance, grace, honesty, and accountability. Joy and laughter are abundant and rich conversations over coffee or meals are plentiful. This caring community provides a safe place for students to be authentic and experience healing and transformation.

Check out, arrange for a campus visit, or give us call at 1-800-838-2975.
Clearwater Creative

Blending spiritual growth and musical development in a community of qualified instructors and artists, this program combines class instruction with practical application in project development, song writing, and media arts.

Location: Caroline, AB
Type of School: College
Date Founded: 1967
Affiliation: Inter-denominational
Degrees Offered: Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate
Tuition: $5,940 per full-time year
Student Population: 39
Average Class Size: 10
Room and Board: Yes
Scholarships Available: Yes
Campus Jobs: No
Varsity Sports: No
Online Courses: Yes
Campus Library: Yes
Study Abroad: Yes
Deadline: Open
Contact Phone: 1-800-838-2975
Clearwater College of Biblical Studies