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Wednesday Playlist: Cure for the mundane

Although the newness of spring is still in the air and the flowers are only beginning to bud, we’re already getting antsy for summer. Academic terms are wrapping up, and whether you’re in school or not, the excited youngins in the street have you wanting to see the world or, better yet, just find a beach to lay on and relax. It’s this time of year that the mundane gets to us, and a quick and easy cure? New tunes. Here’s a little playlist of my favourite songs of the week!

Foals: “My Number”

British indie darlings, Foals has managed to create a really peppy tune about…not really caring about anything. The subject matter is a little depressing but with a catchy hook and some perfectly placed “oohs” I promise this song will have you dancing at your cubicle.


Bleachers: “I Wanna Get Better”

“I didn’t know I was broken ’til I wanted to change”

This is my favourite line of “I Wanna Gent Better” by Bleachers. Fronted by fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff, this song paints a story we can all relate to: wanting something different. Whether it’s a new job, a change of pace, or maybe a new adventure, sometimes the mundane nature of the everyday can get to us. So what can we do in the meantime? My trick is to play this song LOUD while planning my summer time road trip.


k. s. Rhodes: “Orphaned”

This song is anthemic. I play this and I feel like I can do ANYTHING (and this is without listening to the lyrics). Like a surfer in the middle of catching the perfect wave, the chorus swells and Rhodes asks the question: “Are we orphaned?” This tune is an example of less is more: checking in at under 3 minutes, this short but sweet song packs a power punch that will have you pressing repeat again and again.

Flickr photo 9cc) by Spry