Wednesday Playlist: Into the Woods

With Victoria Day weekend just passed and Memorial Day Weekend approaching, the official start of summer has arrived in both Canada and the US. And whether you’re firing up the BBQ or loading up the car for a weekend of camping in the woods, here are a few songs that will inspire you as you find restoration in God’s creation.


1. First Aid Kit “My Silver Lining”

The Swedish sisters of First Aid Kit lead us into the woods, with lush harmonies and a country twang that you might not expect from Scandinavians.


2. Fleet Foxes “Ragged Wood”

Fleet Foxes make songs for every season. When I listen to their music, I picture snowy cabins, golden meadows, and rocky mountains. Lead singer Robin Pecknold croons as if he’s nature’s own minstrel, someone who is no stranger to ragged woods.


3. Jordan Klassen “The Horses Are Stuck”

Vancouver’s finest self-described “fairy folk” singer-songwriter, Jordan Klassen writes delicate, intricately layered songs. It’s hard to parse out his coded lyrics, but that chorus sure sounds like a picture of baptism: “That soul is undone. / That water runs down down down / into the mud.”


4. M. Ward “The First Time I Ran Away”

A great songwriter and a better guitar player, M. Ward harkens the golden age of songwriting with his timeless tunes. I love the eerie, wordless chorus on this one, which sounds like a quietly approaching storm.


5. Patrick Watson “Blackwind”

That storm seems to have arrived in “Blackwind,” a Patrick Watson song that combines two of my secret loves: slide guitar and sand art.


6. The Oh Hello’s “Like the Dawn”

A fitting addition to a playlist devoted to nature, “Like the Dawn” describes that fateful first meeting between man and woman in the garden of Eden, nature’s paradise. It ends with an eye on the fall: “You will surely be the death of me. / But how could I have known?”


7. The Barr Brothers “Old Mythologies”

This is the perfect Sunday drive song. Put it on repeat and you’ll enter into a trance, as the boys from The Barr Brothers demonstrate with their impeccable concentration in this video.


8. Bright Moments “Travelers”

No woods-themed playlist would be complete without a gathering of nymphs, satyrs, and woodland creatures in a happy feast, which is what comes to mind in this joyous orchestral pop song from Bright Moments.


Photo (Flickr CC) by lowjumpingfrog.