PLAYLIST: For the Eclectic Soul

I have been all over the place lately. Maybe it’s no more than usual but it sure feels like it. The biggest change is probably that I am no longer a student (yay graduation!), and I am now a full time member of the work force. But there’s a lot of minor changes that are swirling around this shifting current.

This time in my life has been riddled with some serious self-reflection, which often leads to some really crazy ideas; mostly eating Nutella straight out of the jar. Anyway, my musical tastes have been quite eclectic to say the least. I’ve been dabbling in lots of new stuff of different genes.

All this change has really opened my ears to experiment more: from pop, to hip-hop, to soul, I have been sampling it all. Caution: none of these songs really go with each other, but if you like good music, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this line up!


  1. First Aid Kit: My Silver lining
  2. MØ: Waste of Time
  3. Röyksopp & Robyn: Do it Again
  4. HAIM: Days are Gone
  5. Sam Smith: Leave your Lover
  6. Max Frost: White Lies
  7. Lykee Li: I Follow Rivers
  8. Rye: Open
  9. RAC (feat. Matthew Korma): Cheap Sunglasses

Photo (Flickr CC) courtesy of 34517490@N00