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Nuclear Button Tweet – The Aftermath

U.S. president Donald Trump began the New Year in his signature style with another controversial display of twitter diplomacy. Naturally, the tweet, directed at the despot Kim Jong-un drew the anticipated ire of liberals and progressives, who were quick to denounce the president as unstable for his failure to appease the hermit kingdom, thus setting in motion the gears of nuclear war.


Before we go any further, let’s analyze the tweet in question.

Did Kim Jong-un Boast that he had a nuclear button? Yes.
Are North Koreans starving to the point of risking their lives to escape? Yes.
Does the U.S. have a superior Nuclear Program to N.K? Yes.

The overwhelming irony is clear. For one, the masses of online activists and who oppose Trump at every opportunity (mainly to score internet virtue points) are in large part the ones who have been pushing him to take a hostile stance on Russia and Vladimir Putin – the nation with the world’s largest nuclear weapons stockpile.

Russian Collusion

The same pundits and politicians who go on and on about supposed collusion with Russia (a year-long investigation that has likely cost close to ten million dollars and has not yielded any substantial results) are the same people that ignore the fact that, under the 45th administration, the job market and stock market are booming. This is tremendously positive news. Instead, they opt to attack a hard stance message aimed to stop an out of control nuclear weapons program, stroking their ego as they get on the “right side” of history. The over the top outrage at a tweet that may hurt Kim Jong-un’s feelings is frankly just silly.

Not a stranger to polarizing people through his twitter feed, is there a method behind this madness?

In my opinion, we are seeing a Bad Cop to South Korea’s Good Cop – showing Kim Jong-un that the alternative to diplomacy is highly undesirable and will most likely topple their regime. Hiding behind a brash tone and braggadocious demeanor, Donald Trump is sowing confusion to destabilize his enemies; they cannot anticipate what he will do (or tweet) next. And it seems to be working.

The Aftermath of the “Big Button” Tweet

Lets look at what has resulted from his unusual approach in defusing (or some say escalating) the situation. Former UN chief Ban Ki-Moon has encouraged the tweets, adopting them as a clear message from the international community. Also, shortly after the big button tweet, North and South Korea entered into proper negotiations for the first time in years, and the South Korean president openly expressed gratitude, crediting DJT for his role in resuming dialogue.

In a time where politicians are desperate to create an audience on social media, I have yet to see anyone engage followers in such a holistic way – from retweeting hilarious memes, to calling out his haters, to using it as an extension of his political might.

You may not like the delivery, but the results are undeniable.


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