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How to make money while travelling

Do you love to travel? I donʼt mean going to Mexico for a week, thatʼs a vacation, I mean travel. Pull up your roots, get on a plane and live somewhere else for a few weeks or more. I am a nomad at heart and have been lucky to do a lot of travelling and see many great places. Sometimes you just want to get away for a holiday and may find it frustrating when you canʼt because of student loans, car loans and other financial obligations.

But get this. It’s possible to earn money while you travel. Not only is it possible, but you can earn great money. And if you plan on going away for any length of time, you will need to save a ton of money or earn some while youʼre gone. Hereʼs how the pros make money while travelling.

1. Blogging or other online business

Many people roll their eyes when I suggest blogging as a legitimate business model that can fund long-term travel and theyʼre passing up an awesome opportunity. If you take the time to learn how to blog (assuming you know how to write), learn how to make money with a blog and learn how to maintain a blog, it is possible. Check out for an example of a guy who has used his blog and connected online businesses to fund his dream of visiting every country on Earth.

The term “online business” is so far reaching that I canʼt even begin to cover it here. There are hundreds of ways to earn a legitimate income online. Start researching and you will see a while world of opportunity open up to you. From selling physical products, writing for revenue sharing sites, writing and selling ebooks or ghost writing, affiliate marketing, buying and selling on Ebay and so on, thereʼs no shortage of opportunities to be found on the web.

2. Teaching English

Depending on where you plan on travelling, there can be a great opportunity to teach English there. This is actually simpler than it sounds. You can learn as you go and usually are not required to have a working knowledge of the language in the country youʼre in. Most schools will have an English-speaking liason or teaching assistant to help you out. This opportunity is usually only open to those who hold a university degree.

3. Work On Farms

No matter where you are in the world, farms need people for manual labor and itʼs not hard to find work in many countries. When I was travelling Australia, I signed on with a program called WWOOF whose specialty is putting travellers to work on organic farms and had a great time visiting some fantasic farming operations from mini-zoos to small, family farms. I highly recommend this. Usually youʼre working for your keep (meals and a bed) and not pay, but when youʼre not paying for those two things your savings can go much, much farther. I should mention as well that the work for us ranged from 45 minutes to 4 hours per day and it would be completely reasonable to have a second job in addition to this.

4. Find A Job That Will Allow You To Work Remotely

There are literally thousands of jobs out there that can be worked remotely. Proofreading, editing, site building, design, consulting and many, many more. You can be creative here. Think of how your skills could be applied remotely. More and more companies are doing this to save money now so few employers will be completely unfamiliar with the concept. All you need for this is a laptop and an internet connection and youʼre good to go.

Very few people could not make one of these opportunities work for them. You have skills, you have an ambition to travel, and here are four great ways to get moving this year! Where do you want to go and havenʼt because you need to earn money?


Flickr photo (cc) by docpop