Logos 6: Get More from Your Bible Study

For most of us, Bible study requires a few simple steps: 1. Roll out of bed 2. Grab a cup of coffee 3. Open your Bible 4. Don’t fall back asleep.

If this is your Bible study routine, it’s time to liven it up. With Logos 6, you can explore the Word with confidence and discover fresh insights — here’s now:

1. Explore the biblical world

Study the Bible in Context

The Bible is filled with images and cultural references that were meaningful to the ancient Eastern mind, but get lost in translation when we try making sense of them today. In order to truly understand Scripture, you have to wrap your mind around the cultural perspective from which it was written. That’s why Logos 6 is packed with smart, visually appealing tools to help you contextualize Scripture and derive greater meaning from the text.

Reveal cultural concepts behind the text with a click, connect passages to corresponding ancient literature, explore narrative maps, see ancient temples and beautiful artifacts, and compare textual differences across ancient manuscripts.

Logos 6 makes all of these tasks simple and accessible — so you spend less time floundering through your study, and more time uncovering incredible insights.

2. See Scripture in its full glory

Inside Noah's Ark 600x338 (1)

Some insights can’t be discovered from the text alone — they need to be visualized for true understanding to take place. That’s why Logos 6 comes loaded with new visual tools — so you can see, interact, and understand the biblical world like never before.

Explore 3-D flyovers of biblical places, fine art representing significant Bible characters and events, more than 15,000 crisp photos of the Holy Land, detailed infographics of ancient places like Rome in Paul’s day and Jericho, professional teaching slides that guide you through Athens and Sardis, and much more.

Right click on an image or text selection and transform it into a shareable image with the new Visual Copy tool. Use templates and slides created by professional designers or personalize your own — then share them with friends.

3. Get instant biblical information

Jerusalem Flyover

Logos 6’s Factbook tool is your new, easily searchable Bible encyclopedia. Get quick information on biblical people, places, things, and concepts, along with media resources and interactive tools for deeper, more engaging study.

For example, search a city and find its location on a map, when significant events occurred there, and ancient literature that relates to that place. See how the Bible’s important people are related, where they’re mentioned in the Bible, and when they lived.

Factbook is your one-stop shop for biblical information.

4. Always know where to start

Interactive Media

With Logos 6, you never have to worry about where to start your Bible study: smart search tools find what you’re looking for fast and always point you in the right direction. Custom reading plans keep you on track, and the Logos 6 homepage offers devotional ideas, beautiful (and shareable) images, and ideas for study.

Just start entering a term in the search bar, like “prayer,” and the Smart Search tool will offer popular suggestions, like “The Prayer of Azariah,” “Hour of prayer,” “Canon of the Mass,” and more, so you always have new ideas to explore.

5. Dig into Greek and Hebrew (yes — you can do it!)

Original-language study

Logos 6 makes Greek and Hebrew study accessible to everyone. With new interactive alphabet tutors, you can learn to write and pronounce Greek and Hebrew. With the Sense Section, you can reveal every alternate meaning of a word and where it occurs. For example, the word “house” has a myriad of meanings in Scripture — it can mean a physical house, a family, a group, or a temple. With the new Sense Section, just search a word once and discover every hidden meaning of “house,” and where it occurs. This tool helps you better understand biblical languages and delve greater meaning from Scripture.

Interlinear Explorers also show you how to use an interlinear and reverse interlinear, so you can learn to do scholarly original-language study — even if you haven’t had formal training.

Logos 6 gives you the tools you need to become a better student of the Word: see which Logos 6 base package is recommended for you.


All images courtesy of Logos Bible Software.