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Kye Kye’s 2nd album fuelled by Kickstarter

The electro-pop band Kye Kye from Camas, Washington will be releasing their second full-length album, and they need your help to make the project happen. The goal is to reach 40K in 30 days.

This kind of fan fuelled funding is not new and is beginning to gain prominence in the music industry. The Ember Days, Derek Webb, and several Noisetrade artists have run similar campaigns in the past.

Kye Kye’s Kickstarter page, is full of some of the best rewards and incentives we’ve seen on the internet. Rewards include:

  • Free tickets to a show in your area
  • An acoustic set performed by the band for you and your friends
  • Signed drumsticks and drumheads from the recording sessions
  • A mix-tape created by Olga (singer) for you
  • Free merchandise for a year

And many other great incentives.

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