Kevin Durant’s MVP speech is the best Mother’s Day gift ever

Yesterday, Kevin Durant won his first NBA MVP Award in a landslide victory. He came off as super humble, attributing his victory to the work of people around him, rather than his own. He views his position as a gift; he takes his status lightly. “Basketball is just a platform in order for me to inspire people,” he says.

Things get really teary as he looks to his mom. (How perfect is that by the way — getting to thank your mom from the MVP podium just days before Mother’s Day. Way to make the rest of us look bad, KD!) He tells a bit of his story, about how everything is a gift, and how his mom pushed him to be the best he could be. “You’re the real MVP,” he tells her as she is bawling, he’s blubbering, and all the other people are trying to hold back their flood of emotions.

Flowers are nice. Pretty cards are nice. But take this lesson from Durant. If you want to really give your mama a good gift this year, give her your victories. Recognize that if you’re in a good place, it’s likely because of her. Recognize that if you’re not in a good place, you probably owe it to her to get in a good place.

Mothers are almost always imperfect, but they are made in the image of God. They are the life givers; they are the ones who want to see you succeed more than anyone else. They are the ones who will weep with joy at your victories and not allow you to wallow in your losses.

I like Julian of Norwich because she didn’t mind referring to God as a woman. She writes (long ago), “Just as God is our Father, so God is also our Mother … As if to say,  I am the power and the Goodness of the Father, I am the Wisdom of the Mother, I am the Light and the Grace which is blessed love, I am the Trinity, I am the Unity, I am the supreme Goodness of all kind of things, I am the One who makes you love, I am the One who makes you desire, I am the never-ending fulfillment of all true desires.


Photo (CC) from China Daily Asia.