Israel-Palestine: the death toll just gets higher

Bias is hard to eliminate for anybody; the Palestine and Israel conflict is no exception. With much of the Bible having its focus on Israel, many Christians feel a natural leaning towards the nation.

But when it comes down to it, the sobering news is that there is much more blood on Israel’s hands than on Palestine’s.

BBC broke down the numbers, and the results were staggering — Palestine’s death toll far exceeds Israel’s. The latest news has seen Israel shelling a UN shelter in Gaza, an attack deemed “completely unacceptable” by its closest ally, the United States. Israel is a technological and military powerhouse, and the people of Gaza have nothing to fight back with. When Hamas (the current power in Gaza) breaks ceasefires, it is not Israel who loses, or even Hamas when Israel retaliates. It’s the civilians of Gaza who die; women and children without the protection of Israel’s Iron Dome. Israel’s firepower is substantial, and in its zeal to protect itself, the country is killing off people who are innocent.

We can’t afford to live in a bubble. Israel, while hated by all of its neighbours, is far from weak. While Hamas is doing the people of Gaza no favours, neither is Israel. In the end, the people of Gaza are the victims, and they desperately need our prayers.

Photo (Flickr CC) by Oxfam International.