Kye Kye, Christian Band
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Interview with Kye Kye

You used to be called “Paper Rings” and released an album under that name. Why the name change?

Yes, our former name was Paper Rings under which we released our first official record. We recorded it in our basement about two and a half years ago by ourselves and did it on a small budget. “Kye” is our phonetic spelling of the word “Chi,” which is part of a Greek symbol the early church used that represented Christ. And we just say it twice for emphasis. Christ is who we want the world to see, whether we are on stage, on your radio, or in your iPod, or if we get to interact with you on a personal level.

You’re all family here. Who is the elder sibling? Describe the growth and changes you’ve seen in each other as the years have passed.

Tim is the old goose, Alex is youngest and I’m (Olga) third to last. Alex and I were closest in age so I have most of my childhood memories with him. Tim and I got a lot closer a little later in my late teen years.

I think our whole family is a bit musically/artistically inclined. our grandpa wrote poetry, my parents wrote songs for church and actually tracked a record in their native language. Tim played the violin since an early age but when he started writing music it was really intriguing to me . . . I was like, “Wow, my brother is cool!” So I think a lot of the motivation behind my music writing was Tim and wanting to impress him!

What brought you to perform together?

It wasn’t until some time later that we started collaborating. Tim had gotten into programming with some new software and we started experimenting. It was just the two of us for some time. Then before we tracked our first album in ’08, Alex joined us on the keys . . . as for Tommy, my husband; he came in the picture a little later. Actually what’s funny is he was always kind of there. We even played a few shows together in opposite bands. Tommy eventually stopped performing with the other band and we had him audition for us and were all stoked on having him become part of the band.

Kye Kye plays a genre that’s definitely not a typical sound for the “Christian music industry”

We definitely want our music to apply to all people. While our words and lyrics are about God and our relationship with him, this does not limit who can listen or appreciate our music. We play to both the secular, mainstream crowd and secular venues. Our mission is giving everyone what has been freely given to us from our Father. We have seen great reactions throughout the Christian industry as well as in the secular crowds and we love that all people find value and enjoyment in our music.

What is your genre?

We definitely have that electronic feel to our music. It is apparent hearing all the synths, electronic drums mixed with real drums, spacey guitar, and soft melodic vocals that many people place us into electro category. We are not category-specific in that we do not want to limit where we place ourselves, but really want a listener to put us into his or her own category. We have really found that nearly all listeners can appreciate our music, from the hipsters down the street, to the grandparents at church. We love our sound and our feel to our music and really appreciate all the genres that we have been placed in by listeners.


What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned? How have these impacted your songwriting and musicianship?

We have a tendency to think our calling is our purpose. A person can get the idea that their whole life’s purpose is to save people through preaching the gospel, but one of the greatest truths that God has revealed to us is that this is not our purpose. When Adam and Eve were created, their purpose their original purpose was to relate to God, to talk to him, to know him – to live with him. I believe that this is also our purpose today. When you realize this and walk in this truth then spreading the gospel becomes a natural overflow of everything you do. I think this is why the early church spread like wildfire.

This truth has changed our lives, and, as a result, changed how we write. With “Young Love,” our approach to writing has really been more about listening, getting to know who God is and expressing what we personally experience along the way.

Kye Kye will be touring with Future of Forestry for the Advent Christmas tour 2011 and will be coming to Richmond, BC next week! Tickets are $10 advance, $13 at the door.