All My Friends are Married

“All My Friends Are Married” Web-series – Review

You may be a bit apprehensive when reading the title of Mercedes Brazier Thurman’s new web series, All My Friends are Married. With the spread of YouTube and other sites that allow users to upload their own videos, comes an onslaught of cheesy and poorly produced content. This web series is not one of them. Viewers are presented with a unique, yet familiar look into the life of a thirty-something year old woman who is Christian, single, and surrounded by couples.

The first installment in the series is only around five minutes long, but in that short five minutes so much is covered. Most of us are either the main character, Lauren, or can associate with one of the couples/friends represented at the gathering in this episode: the clichés, rehearsed speeches, and overused Christian sayings so often heard in many Christian circles. For those of us who use these sayings frequently we get a better view at the opposite side of the coin—we can so easily get caught up in flaunting our love and relationships that we forget how someone on the other side of things may feel and perceive things.

The scene where Lauren reads the scripture, Romans 12:15 and then proceeds to rip apart all of the wedding invitations, save the dates, and baby announcements on her board shows a perspective that many of us never see. We only see the supportive single friend, celebrating their friends, standing next to their friends on wedding days, throwing baby showers, and wedding showers, etc. We rarely get a glimpse of those moments when they are alone, vulnerable, and honest. This series talks about those difficult situations, the thoughts that float around, the fears of never finding love, and the desire to have the picture perfect life.

Through the eyes of Lauren we go on a journey in the first episode alone that leaves you wanting more — wanting to learn more about her worldview, whether she ended up finding love and if she told all of her friends exactly how she felt about their “advice”. In part, my desire to see more is directly tied to the number of Laurens I have in my own life—watching her story unfold will better help me to understand my single friends and some of what they could be experiencing.

This web series gives viewers the opportunity to engage in and support Christian filmmakers in a unique, yet extremely relevant manner. It will be exciting to see how the season progresses as well as what Thurman may have for us in the future.