Converge’s top 10 articles of 2014

From relationships to Instagram to gender equality to Mark Driscoll, here are the 10 most-read articles we published in 2014.


10. Rock, paper, equality?

In the postmodern era, in the age of equality, freedom, and opportunities, how could we think marriage is an accomplishment?


9. How do you know if it’s love?

The search for love is noble — but how we define “love” is critical to “finding” it in our relationships.


8. For all the Christian introverts out there

Do you ever feel like your faith isn’t as legitimate if you aren’t as extroverted as other believers?


7. What I’m still learning in my 20s

In a culture where our 20s have become the be-all-end-all decade of our lives, we’ve become more obsessed with being there than getting there.


6. Real love: confronting Mark Driscoll

To offer mercy and love to Driscoll and other abusers means requiring repentance and enforcing consequences that are specific to each situation.


5. 27, unmarried, and childless

One year after going viral, Amanda Bast reflects on how she’s still learning the same lessons. And that’s OK.


4. Real love vs. Insta love

Though the pictures we see on Instagram of happy couples may be portraying real love and truth, we might be missing the full story.


3. Hipster Christianity, revisited

Does the gospel message conveyed in a glitzy American suburban megachurch equal that which is conveyed by the beleaguered churches of Iraq or Syria?


2. I married a sex offender

The church must become educated in how sex offenders function, manipulate, charm, and lie.


1. Why I don’t guard my heart anymore

We hate to break it to the purity-ring-wearing-I-Kissed-Dating-Goodbye-reading crowd, but guarding your heart is not a magic formula to avoid heartbreak.


Photo (Flickr CC) by markus spiske.