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5 Weekends till Xmas: Christmas Markets & Craft Fairs

Oh look, Christmas is 5 weekends away and, if you’re a master of time management, you’ve already started Christmas shopping. Congratulations!  For the rest of us, 5 weekends away is probably a good time to start thinking about getting gifts, budgets, future Christmas pounds and practicing that fake “aww thanks Gran!” when granny gives you your umpteenth pair of grey wooly socks.

Circle Craft fair

Luckily, tis the season to get crafty and all your gift worries will be put at rest! Artisans all over live for this season to exhibit at every Christmas craft and art show they can get their talented fingers on. So starting mid November a number of various crafty conventions will come to your town for you to browse, touch, try and taste. Yes-there will be food vendors. Yes-there will be many samples. And yes-there will be so many people the vendor won’t remember your face if you go for a third or fourth time. These art markets and craft fairs also provide a great opportunity to find your family and friends something unique and one-of-a-kind so you can put down that cold plastic gift card and get something quirky and special.

Wine Jelly at Circle Craft
Wine Jelly at Circle Craft

These markets and fairs can range from a handful of vendors in a school’s gymnasium to hundreds packed in a highly decorative convention center. What you’ll see will be generally the same: pottery, scarves, dolls, ornaments, food and whatnot but what you discover is that special-glazed-didn’t-turn-out-how-he-wanted-it-but-still-looks-cool vase or that loopy pompom scarf or that quirky buck tooth monster plushy or that darn-right-this-isn’t-Hallmark ornament or those deliciously hand crafted wine jams or maple chocolate. You never know what you may find. 

Pacific Coast Soap Works at Circle Craft
Pacific Coast Soap Works at Circle Craft

Keep an eye out on your local newspaper for listings for these markets. Some big ones coming to town include:

Make It! Edmonton – Nov 17 – 20

Eastside Culture Crawl Vancouver – Nov 18 – 20

Seasons Christmas Show Mississauga – Nov 18 – 20

One of a Kind Toronto – Nov 24 – Dec 4

ACAD Winter Show & Sale Calgary – Nov 24 – 26

Make It! Vancouver – Nov 24 – 27

Vancouver Christmas Market – Nov 24 – Dec 24

Handmade Holiday Toronto – Dec 3

Got Craft? Vancouver -Dec 4

One of a Kind Vancouver – Dec 8 – 11

City of Craft Toronto – Dec 10 – 11

Next weekend we look at jazzing up your house for the holidays!

Found something you really liked at a craft fair? Are you crafty yourself? Tell us by commenting below!