Christ-Centred Education at Briercrest

My family and friends were quite surprised when I decided to travel all the way out to an obscure town in Saskatchewan for my post-secondary education. But I had many good reasons.

I was attracted to Briercrest initially because of their music program. I had come out to the school a few times before for Youth Quake with some of my youth leaders who are alumni. This last time, I also came for a campus visit called Experience Briercrest. As I sat in on a choir rehearsal during that visit, I knew that I needed to go to this school. It wasn’t until I started looking into actually attending the school that I realized how great it was.

One thing I really appreciate is the smaller classroom size because it allows me to have a more intentional learning experience. This was also a deciding factor in my decision to come here. I have a number of friends going to university back in B.C. who often complain about the giant lecture halls or not even being able to hear the professor all the time. I considered other schools who have many similarities to Briercrest, but din’t have the smaller classroom size—this factor was really important for me and I feel the quality of my learning is better because of the smaller classroom size. Nor has the smaller classroom hasn’t limited my opportunities; there have been a lot of ways I have been able to grow both in and outside of the classroom. I am in the music program with a concentration in musical theatre. Being in music, I take voice lessons and am in the choir, which are both required for my program. I am also currently taking ballet and am involved with Briercrest’s annual Christmas production, which are not required, but are things I’m doing because they interest me and are ways I want to be challenged and grow.

Music is one way I have been able to get involved, but there are so many other ways to take part in the community. Whether it is athletics, missions, the arts, student government, academics, or something completely different, there are so many ways to serve in areas you are passionate about or if you just wanting to try something new. Dorms are a unique aspect of Briercrest. Almost all of the students stay in dorms unless they are currently living in Caronport. This creates a close-knit community of people all striving to further their education and grow in their relationship with God. Dorm life has allowed me to make strong friendships easily and the fantastic leadership we have here makes life at Briercrest more comfortable.

I am very thankful that Christ-centredness is so evident in life at Briercrest. Chapel is mandatory for every day that there are classes. Starting every morning coming together as a school and giving praise to God and hearing a message gives a healthy start to the day. Having chapel everyday challenges me daily to surrender myself to His plan and reminds me of why I am here at Briercrest.

I have grown a lot in my faith and maturity since coming to Briercrest. Without my parents and friends, I have learned to rely heavily on God for wisdom, peace, and comfort during this time of transition.

I have felt so blessed to become part of this community and this school that God has called me too. I am looking forward to my future here at Briercrest; the possibilities are endless.