Author: Julia Cheung

Culture, Film

The Cinderella syndrome

Disney’s Frozen, loosely based on “The Snow Queen,” came out at the end of November to rave reviews. But I’m conflicted. I’m not sure if I can get behind any Disney princess, no matter how many times reviewers use the words “strong” or “sisterhood” to describe the film. I was […]

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Millennial mud-slinging

At 40, Soo Sen Sun, a Vancouver lab technician with an MSc in Microbiology, has eschewed her two university degrees and her stable science career in favour of returning to school. She’s going to become a recreational therapist. Her story is not uncommon. The workforce is crawling with career-shifting adults […]


The Marriage-Myth

It’s 1997. I am 17, ridiculously hormonal, lonely and aching for a relationship. Fed on a steady diet of rom-coms and R&B, I twirl around the kitchen (alone), slow-dancing with my imaginary boyfriend to All 4 One’s rendition of “I Swear.” I regularly weep over Sleepless in Seattle, spend entire […]


Nobel and why you should care

Over 100 years ago, Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel gave a bunch of money to some Swedish and Norwegian committees in order to dole out six annual prizes. Nobel wanted to support and encourage cultural and scientific advances. The six prizes were awarded last week. And, like every year, the prizes […]