9 St. Patrick Quotes That Will Deepen Your Love For God

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. Even though it’s usually an excuse for people hit the bars and the booze, St. Patrick’s day is really a memorial to the great Irish bishop and missionary St. Patrick—a man who was captured by Irish pirates and made a slave, escaped after six years, and returned a few years later to lead people to Christ. Today is said to be the day he died. Here are 9 St. Patrick quotes that will deepen your love for God:

  1. I am Patrick, a sinner, most uncultivated and least of all the faithful and despised in the eyes of many.
  2. I pray to God to give me perseverance and to deign that I be a faithful witness to Him to the end of my life for my God.
  3. And God watched over me before I knew Him and before I learned sense or even distinguished between good and evil.
  4. Before I was humiliated I was like a stone that lies in deep mud, and he who is mighty came and in his compassion raised me up and exalted me very high and placed me on the top of the wall.
  5. If I have any worth, it is to live my life for God so as to teach these peoples; even though some of them still look down on me.
  6. Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me.
  7. The Lord opened the understanding of my unbelieving heart, so that I should recall my sins.
  8. If I be worthy, I live for my God to teach the heathen, even though they may despise me.
  9. No one should ever say that it was my ignorance if I did or showed forth anything however small according to God’s good pleasure; but let this be your conclusion and let it so be thought, that — as is the perfect truth — it was the gift of God.