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12 Jesus-o-Lanterns you need to carve

If you’re celebrating Halloween night trick or treating in the neighbourhood or whisking your kids to your church’s Harvest Festival, here are some pumpkins to grace your porch landing.

1) If you want something crisp and simple, Bask In The Light Jesus Pumpkin is right for you.
Everyone needs a good Jesus pumpkin by Evan McHugh

2) But if you’re conflicted about this spooky holiday, try a more reflective design.

jesus pumpkin

Reflective Jesus Pumpkin: image

3) Maybe you’re channeling an epic vibe…


Epic Jesus Pumpkin: image

4) … and really just want to spread the word on the side of a pumpkin.

I Am The Light Pumpkin: image

5) Like really. spread. dat. word.


JESUS SAVES Pumpkin: Image

6) Heck, just carve it into two pumpkins!


Preach It Pumpkin: Image

7) Maybe you want to dig up your inner artist…


Creepily Realistic Jesus Pumpkin: image

8) …And get a little broody on your trick or treaters.


Broody Jesus Pumpkin thinks there’s many devil costumes.

9) …Or maybe even a bit comical!


Penny Arcade inspired comical Jesus Pumpkin: Image

10. But if you’re feeling really ambitious, just carve on the Last Supper.


Last Supper Pumpkin

11. But if you’re just not feeling up to the task, Sad Jesus Pumpkin won’t judge you.



12. Because in the end it’s all for a good hoot n’ howl.


Laughing Jesus Pumpkin and friends: image