10 weird foods you should try abroad

From stinky fruit to crunchy bugs to heart attack inducing burgers, these odd edibles come from far and wide and if you’re in the area, swallow your fears (literally!), and check them out!

Here’s our list of 10 weird foods you should try abroad:

1. Durian

Southeast Asia Known as Asia’s stinkiest fruit, if you get past the smell, it’s pretty tasty!

A Durian, cut open in a market to expose its custard yellow flesh
Flickr photo (cc) by riacale

2. Hakarl

Iceland Hakarl: the sound your stomach makes as it sends the fermented fish right back onto the dish from whence it came. If there are party platters in hell, this is on the menu.

Harkarl, hangs from a frame in Iceland
Flickr photo (cc) by eworm

3. Natto

Japan As if plain soybeans weren’t bad enough, try ‘em after letting them ferment for a few days! Mmm, the fresh smell of rotting moldy cheese stuffed in an old wet gym sock.

Natto is served in a Japanese restaurant
Flickr photo (cc) by Smaku

4. Bondaegi

Korea Peanuts? No, but how ’bout some steamed silkworm pupae to go with that Red Bull!

Easting Bondeaggi with chopsticks in a restaurant
Flickr photo (cc) by  catiemagee

5. Marmite

United Kingdom If you ever tried to turn your dad’s old leather shoes into a jam, it might taste something like this.

Spreading Marmite onto some scones in the United Kingdom
Flickr photo (cc) by bunchofpants

6. Worm Soup

China Whether you come across these fish paste noodles or actual worms, the same comes to mind. To quote Timon and Pumbaa, “slimey yet satisfying.” Hakuna Mattata!

A bowl of Worm Soup served in China
Flickr photo (cc) by sifu_renka

7. Quadruple Bypass Burger

Las Vegas, USA Has your friend ever said, “I’m so hungry I could eat a cow!?” Now you can make him prove it.

A "Quadruple Bypass" burger in the United States

8. Beluga whale

Yukon, Canada Raffi would not be impressed. “Baby-beluga, in the deep blue sea … GET IN MY BELLY!”

A Beluga Whale swims in the ocean
Flickr photo (cc) by Claude Robillard

9. Termites

Africa In rural Africa, this is a major source of protein! Just make sure they’re dead before you eat them.

Termites moving about
Flickr photo (cc) by gnilenkov

10. Balut

Philippines No, not the bear. More like the ugly duckling, only you eat it before it gets the chance to prove everybody wrong.

A porcelain chick hatching from an egg
Flickr photo (cc) by JoePhilipson

If you’re brave enough, here’s the real deal.