Top ten princess movies


1. Princess Diaries “the drab to fab princess”

This movie has the element we all love in a feel good rom-com — an epic makeover. It’s hard to imagine Anne Hathaway looking so nerdy and disheveled now, but back then as a relatively unknown star, she blew us out of the park with this transformation.

2. Princess Bride “the humbled by another princess”

So often with fairy tales it’s the girl who marries into royalty. In this movie, however, Princess Buttercup goes from being a stuck up royal to a girl in love with farm-boy Westley. There are all the elements of a great story in this movie: great action sequences, an 80’s style dreamy prince, a beautiful princess, and a melt your heart love story.

3. Cinderella “the barely there princess”

This list would not be complete without a Disney movie. Cinderella was the one I grew up with. It’s heartwarming, classic, and outrageously funny. The interesting thing about this movie is that you almost forget that Cinderella is the star of the show. The best parts of the film are the scenes she’s not in. Take for example the “she got away scene” where the King throws this huge tantrum or the “Gus Gus” scene where the little mouse is greedy with cubes of cheese.

4. Roman Holiday “the golden era princess”

A lot of movies are about women who live horrible lives then are one magical day saved by prince charming. This movie is a little twist on that. Audrey Hepburn plays a princess who takes a day off from being a royal to try and live a normal civilian life. Along the way she meets a reporter who struggles to get an exclusive, gets a hair cut, and thoroughly enjoys her time. This is also the movie that inspired short haircuts for girls.


5. Ever After: “the Cinderella with personality princess”

This is a Cinderella story done right. Drew Barrymore makes the perfect protagonist. She’s witty, self assured, and isn’t going to fall for the prince simply because he’s the prince. She makes him work for it. Yeah girl!

6. Star Wars episode IV, V, VI: “the intergalactic princess”

Princesses don’t have to wear ball gowns and tiaras. Princess Leia could fight and fall in love, both at the same time if she wanted to. There are so many cool things about Leia. First she’s a George Lucas creation, second, she’s gorgeous but also tough as nails, and third she’s a hero, wait not just a hero, a space hero.


7. Xena: “the warrior princess”

Xena was the princess we all wanted to be growing up. She was bold, she could fight, and who could forget her iconic “aiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiy”? That alone takes talent. The show was a little edgy with scenes that our parents probably shouldn’t have let us watch at 8 years old, but we’re glad we did.


8. Ella Enchanted “the obedient Princess”

This princess couldn’t say no to anything. She was blessed with the gift of obedience. Unfortunately this resulted in her being constantly picked on once her gift was found out. No one does princesses better than Anne Hathaway. It was amazing she didn’t just get type casted after doing the string of princess movies she did.

9. The Little Princess- “the strength of will princess”

I have to admit I cried in this one. You really feel for the little girl. First she’s shipped off to a boarding school with a cruel headmaster. Then her father dies and tuition runs out so she is forced to be a slave girl for the boarding school. The good news is there’s a happy ending. If there’s one thing Sara Crewe taught us, it’s that all little girls are princesses.

10. Shrek “the you don’t have to be beautiful princess”

Who doesn’t love the Shrek movies? Princess Fiona taught us all that princesses don’t have to be beautiful to be alluring. Sometimes they can be big, green, and monster like and they will still find their prince charming.


Photo by Flickr CC: Joe Penniston