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Top ten princess movies

  1. Princess Diaries “the drab to fab princess” This movie has the element we all love in a feel good rom-com — an epic makeover. It’s hard to imagine Anne Hathaway looking so nerdy and disheveled now, but back then as a relatively unknown star, she blew us out […]

Interview with Paolo Aquilini

Sports somehow have a way of bringing the people together like nothing else. Here’s an interview I did with Paolo Aquilini, part owner of the Canucks for BC Christian News last year around this time. Click here for the unabridged version: I’m trying to think back to that day. I […]

Five Stones Church [Church Profile]

What: The Five Stones Church building situated along Columbia street in historic New Westminster, BC has been around for over a century. The city was host to the first China town in Western Canada. It was also named the first capital of BC, before Victoria stole that title. According to […]

Canuck Fans: Hope Not Lost

This is a mini post for last night’s game. For those unaffected by the hockey world or the so-called Canuck religion, you may pass over this and continue on with your day. We lost. Tragically. Oh no! But put the pitchforks and flaming hockey sticks down. After all, one game down […]

Soul Surfer

[]   Soul Surfer is an American film about the life of Bethany Hamilton, an award-winning surfer from Hawaii who had lost her left arm in a shark attack. Struggling with faith, appearance, and getting back to the waves, she pulls through to fulfill her dream of becoming a pro-surfer. […]