Hillsong UNITED Vancouver 2011
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Hillsong UNITED Vancouver 2011

Thousands braved the freezing Fraser Valley temperatures, huddling and using their excitement as their heat source as they waited for the widely popular Australian band originating from Hillsong Church.

Converge was fortunate to be at the Abbotsford Sports and Entertainment Centre with a table for the Hillsong UNITED Vancouver 2011 concert, as they kicked off their Aftermath tour here in Vancouver! (Technically Abbotsford, but close enough. The Greater Vancouver Zoo is technically in Abbotsford too!)

The lines were long and the temperatures felt like subzero. Eager concert goers clutched their tickets while shivering and huddling in bundles as they waited for the doors to finally open. I was lucky enough to have Jeremy fetch me from inside so I could help set up our table in between Praise 106.5 and History Maker.

But to keep things short, Hillsong UNITED was amazing.

I snuck in my camera and successfully snapped a few shots. They really know how to lift the crowd:

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