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Trinity Western University: Dare to Ask for More

Going to university is about so much more than doing well in school, earning a degree, and getting a good job. It’s true—workplaces demand more and our hurting world needs more. But more importantly, our souls long for more. 

Because at the core we all want purpose. Regardless of our age or where in the world we call home.

That’s why when it comes to getting a university education, Trinity Western University believes in daring to ask for more.

Jericho grew up in Guangzhou, China, and had a great childhood. After completing his high school education abroad, he wanted to attend an international Christian university that offered excellent academic degrees and professional career preparation. But more than anything, he wanted to start his adult life off “right.” So he came to Trinity Western University. 

“Trinity Western University is where I discovered what my life is really about and for,” says Jericho. Before he knew it, he was involved as a student leader and finding ways to serve others while also focusing on his studies. “I came here as a student with a good life, and Trinity has given me the opportunity to experience the Good Life by introducing Jesus to me on a personal level, to have me believe in God, to be a part of God’s glorious purpose,” says Jericho.

Something Jericho didn’t expect was how much he would end up embracing the leadership opportunities that came his way. “I remember the one-on-one sessions with my mentors, student leadership supervisors, and many others, who encouraged me to be a part of student leaders. These sessions have helped me so much in the journey of following God.” Jericho especially enjoyed leading as peer instructor in a first-year intro course.


Ellen came to TWU for similar reasons as Jericho. She grew up in a loving Christian home and a vibrant church life in Cameroon. But mounting civil unrest disrupted her life and forced her to move to another city to finish her high school studies at an international Christian school. 

“It was there that my desire to study abroad strengthened and since I was at a Christian high school I enjoyed, I wanted a similar experience in university,” says Ellen. “So during my search for a school, I looked for ‘Christian universities with great business programs.’”

A thorough search on Google and a hungry heart for God led Ellen to Trinity Western University. 

When it comes to a high-quality post-secondary education, TWU delivers beyond most students’ expectations. Intentionally small class sizes, professors who truly care about their students’ success, and degree programs that are informed by the latest research are just a few of the many things students appreciate at Trinity Western University.

TWU’s professors take their students to the edge of new discovery and help them apply their studies in practical ways that prepare them for life beyond graduation. The safe, open, supportive space allows voices to be heard and hearts to be nurtured, and it allows students to find themselves, find God, and find the leader within.

“As soon as I stepped on this ‘Trinity Ground’, I knew this was the place; Trinity was the place for me.”    

– Jericho

“I’ve found that the student leadership options offered at Trinity Western University have helped me experience my own leadership potential,” says Parker, who came to TWU after attending a Christian high school in Kelowna, B.C. “I’m able to express myself through the many opportunities that Trinity gives me. Not only through the people, but also the countless opportunities that there are to be involved in leadership. Trinity for me will never just be a school that gave me just a degree. It also gave me practical life skills through those leadership opportunities. When I leave TWU, I can leave knowing that I not only left with a degree but also practical life experience.”


TWU stands on over 50 years of academic excellence in research and education. Many popular programs, such as the business, leadership, and nursing science degrees, have achieved national and global recognition. Part of the reason is that at TWU, students experience a seamless blend of academics, personal development, and professional preparation. The University has a strong history of community involvement and has partnerships with local businesses that allow students to apply their learning through practicums and internships. In addition to the 48 undergraduate degrees, TWU also offers 19 excellent master’s degrees. No matter what their passion, students can come here knowing they’ll discover their purpose and calling beyond a four-year degree.

“When I leave TWU, I can leave knowing that I not only left with a degree but also practical life experience.”  

– Parker

Why is it that undergraduate students come to Trinity Western University to find their purpose, fresh faith perspectives, and lifelong friends and then end up growing in more ways than they ever imagined?

One reason: community.

For Jericho, it was TWU’s kind, supportive community that ties it all together. It’s something he experienced on Day 1. “As soon as I stepped on this ‘Trinity Ground’, I knew this was the place; Trinity was the place for me.”

He’s not the only one to share this.

For Parker, the first impression he got when he stepped foot on campus confirmed he was right where God wanted him. “I could already feel the warm, welcoming environment that Trinity Western University offers. Being able to connect with the faculty and other students around me by feeling so welcomed and invited is truly a heartwarming feeling. I’ve been able to make many friends who are willing to be a part of my life and make me feel loved and cared for,” says Parker.


He adds, “That community experience impacted me by giving me an environment where I can be myself.”

The same was true for Ellen, who found so much more than the professional business program she was looking for. She found a place of peace where she felt like she belonged and a safe haven that sheltered her during the global pandemic.

“My most meaningful experience at TWU is the genuine love, care, and support I received from the TWU community during the global pandemic.  Trinity stood up for its students, especially us international students. I knew that several [other] university campuses shut down completely 

and didn’t allow anyone, including international students, to live on campus. But TWU came through for us by letting us stay on campus, keeping Student Life open as an extra place for support and inquiries, pairing us with staff members who would check in on us, and give us support where and when needed. They made grocery gift cards that subsidized housing costs for those challenged in that area, and had gifts sent to us.”

Ellen adds, “I’m glad that of all the places I could have been at during such a time, it was Trinity that I found myself in.”

Ellen says that Trinity Western University is a place of not just thought but action, where leadership is expressed through humble, heartfelt service. Her personal experience at TWU during a global health crisis taught her “how important taking action is. It’s one thing to say you care for someone and it’s another to show it. If you can’t do something big, do something small … just do something.  Actions, no matter how small, speak louder than words.”

“Trinity Western University is a place not just of thought but action, where leadership is expressed through humble, heartfelt service.” 

– Ellen

Jericho, Parker, and Ellen are not the only students who’ve found TWU to be a warm, safe, and supportive place to learn and grow. That’s because TWU’s distinct community is not an accident. The University is intentional about helping every student discover who they are, what they believe, and what they’re called to do in the world.

As a result, these three students and countless others have experienced the TWU difference: a university education that transformed them not just intellectually but emotion- ally, socially, and spiritually —because it’s only when our hearts and minds are integrated that our highest potential is ignited and developed. 

Students from all walks of life and from all parts of the world come to Trinity Western University just as they are and find what they need to build a solid foundation for their future. They discover how to live their best life and use their education and talents for the good of the world and the glory of God. 

There are times in our life journey when God calls us to join a new community, because it’s exactly what we need to learn and grow during a new phase of life. TWU specializes in giving students an unforgettable experience during one of the most important segments of their lives. 

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