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Artificial Intelligence Cheapens the Artistic Imagination

Artist Jingna Zhang predicts that “60-80% of the artist workforce will lose their jobs in the next 2-5 years. Not to prompters—just to company bottom lines.” As with businesses and workplaces, the visual arts are going through a major shake-up from generative AI. It seems like a safe bet that artists will lose work to AI – a recurring consequence of new technologies – but job security is not all that is at stake. The introduction of AI into the visual arts cheapens the unique human capacity for imagination.

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What The Daughters of Zelophehad Can Teach Modern Feminists

To find a clear Biblical expression of feminism in action, one only needs to read the book of Numbers. The 27th chapter details a story about the daughters of Zelophehad. These daughters were five sisters who challenged societal rules regarding inheritance rights. At the time, women were banned from inheriting property solely because of their gender. The daughters went to Moses to challenge the law. When Moses went to God to reaffirm inheritance rights, God sided with the daughters and granted them property.

The account beautifully demonstrates how God views the treatment of women in our society but also provides several primary lessons worth extracting.

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The Beauty of Breaking Free From the Prison of Fear

I wondered aloud to my mother if I could start to trust life again. If I could start to live without looking over my shoulder,
waiting for it to fall apart again, as it had so many times. I can’t remember her exact words but they were
completely clear. These two streams cannot flow together. A life “lived” in fear or lived in freedom. It’s
one or the other, and every time you make a decision in fear, you go further down the path of just

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My Son’s Autism Taught Me to Embrace the Outsider

For me, Micah’s ASD places a lens over aspects of Christianity that I’ve been able to peer through daily. The ideas of Good Samaritan love towards the outsider, serving the poor, and cultivating community have a fresh perspective when “outsider,” “poor,” and “unconnected” refer to ASD children who live with social deficits.