The Positive Side of Feeling Like You’re Weird

Why do we naturally assume people need adjusting? Why don’t we adjust ourselves? Try and see where they’re coming from, try picking up the lenses through which they see life. It isn’t easy to do this, not by any stretch, but it’s incredibly rewarding. This is stuff you can’t pay for or learn out of a textbook, and it’s right in front of you.

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Maturing Through Moral Anxiety

Some people collect beetles, or stamps, or objects with penguins on them. Apparently, I collect crises of conscience. Because moral angst has been a prominent feature in the landscape of my spiritual journey, I’d like to share what I’ve learned with others who traverse those regions.

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A Christian’s Case for Getting High

Previously, a pastor could explain the sinfulness of smoking pot by highlighting its illegality. But what do they do when the laws change in favor of it? North America is seeing this shift with recreational marijuana legalization on the rise, soon to affect Vancouver, my home city.