My Unexpected Season Working at Chic-fil-A

I had just graduated from Biola University and it was time to get my first job out of college. I thought, “Who wouldn’t hire me?” Bachelor’s degree, good job skills, great personality, upbeat attitude, and hard work ethic. Who else had these kinds of qualifications? Turns out, about 1,500,000 other […]

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You are More than your College Major

If we look around the world, we see English Majors leading organizations, Business Majors writing books, and people who dropped out of college altogether to pursue music. Was Jon Foreman, a college dropout, a Music Major? No. Is Jon Foreman a musician? Yes, and one of the best, at that.

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“Understanding Sexual Abuse”: A Book for Ministry Leaders and Abuse Survivors

There are victims of sexual abuse in every community and institution in society, including churches. There are certainly victims of sexual abuse in your congregation. It is often invisible in our congregations because of the silence of the victims themselves. Powerful forces can keep it so, and the shame that victims feel can perpetuate the idea that “good” families are exempt from its reach.


Choosing Contentment

Maybe you know in your head that Christ is enough but that doesn’t always align with your heart. As you step into yet another bridesmaid dress or try and be genuinely happy for another friend in love, it feels exhausting. You wonder, ‘will it ever be my turn?’